1984 Celica GTS 22RE Coupe

Owner: John DeStefano

132,000 miles

Current Mods:

'86 GTS injectors

'86 GTI Bosch Red Coil

TRD header


2 1/2" racing exhaust

235/60/14's mounted on factory polished alloys

'86 GTS 'Celica' spoiler emblem

'90 Escort GT driving lights

Emblem/decal delete

Planned mods:

(Oh this could be pages long...)

'88 era MR2 decklid spoiler w/ brake light

Upgrade to Supra interior

Dual friction clutch

4.1 posi (already have)

W58 to match differential (for final drive ratio)

Lightened flywheel

Cyberauto cam kit

Maybe someday:

22RE morphed into a 20R/22R, with dual sidedrafts going into a twin turbo setup. OR

A 7MGTE with over 320 hp. Anything's possible.

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